The Book
The Book

Legal notice


"What this is about is not actual history. None of this happened, really – it is a STORY. There are places and names and events and explanations and people and causes and consequences that you might recognise (or think you recognise) BUT - read my lips - this is a story.


So please don’t write to me and say that the houses in Southernhay were actually finished a couple of years after someone is supposed to have moved into one – I know that, but I’ve tweaked things a bit because it suits my purposes.


And if you work in one of the organisations I mention or your name or personality resembles any of my characters and especially if it looks like I’ve made out that you, or someone like you, or someone in your family or that you know or have heard of might have behaved badly, just stop there. Don’t sue me - please?


I made this all up. It’s a story. Enjoy it, but don’t believe it is true. It isn’t – it’s meant to be fun.


Take a sip of good wine or tea or whatever you fancy, turn the page and - please - enjoy The Book.


Roger Jarman