The Book
The Book

Brother Martin's Remarkable Library of Unreadable Books

You know The Book; now you can enter the Library!



If you've read The Book (and if you haven't, why not???!), you will know that The Book finds itself in Italy with its future uncertain. This sequel takes the story forward and answers some key questions - for example


- how did The Book come to be?


- who (and what) is Marcus?


- what will happen to Faith and the Bartons?



'Brother Martin's Remarkable Library of Unreadable Books' answers those questions and more.


It was published on 1 September and is now available from Amazon (as a paperback) or directly from myself (just email me on


There will be a Kindle version available in the next few weeks, and I am hoping it will also be in the Exeter Roman Gate brnach of Waterstones shortly.


Watch this space!