The Book
The Book

APOLOGY: I am sorry this site has been dormant for a while; our move from the UK to Spain has been more time consuming than I had anticipated. An improved service and new content will be available later in 2018. Hasta luego!

A life changed for ever by one impulsive decision. The sins of the fathers are indeed the sins of the sons.


The Book: News and Updates

  • If you are a UK resident, you can purchase single copies of The Book through this website
  • If you live outside the UK, or if you want multiple copies, it would be easier to order through Amazon.
  • Thanks to the support of backers from around the world who are are funding the first edition of The Book through the Kickstarter crowdfunding website, The Book has now been printed. To view the Kickstarter project page, see:


  • I have already started work on the sequel to The Book. If you wish to join the community of those following its progress - The Bookies -  send your email address to